We teach meditation

Using effective and down-to-earth practices

No dogmas or "woo-woo".

Practices that work

We've integrated the teachings from different traditions to offer you the most effective and reliable meditation practice system available. Practicing these techniques as taught will yield profound and transformative benefits that go well-beyond stress-reduction.

Qualified teachers

Our qualified teachers offer online private and group meditation consultations. All our teachers have a solid daily personal practice, years of experience teaching and are committed to helping you in a dogma-free and pragmatic way.

Supportive Community

Our community unites meditation practitioners of various levels from around the world. They all share the goal of training their mind, and to bring the fruits of their practice into daily life. Joining this community will help you establish a more serious practice, provide support and motivate you.

Completely Free

Our goal is to share these practices with as many people as we can. We therefore offer all our meditation resources free of charge. We run on voluntary donations and Patreon support.

Our mission

We define meditation as mind training and we teach in a secular and scientific manner. Our method is designed to bring you the full benefits of meditation practice, going well beyond stress reduction. We believe that profound insights are at the reach of all practitioners who commit to a daily meditation practice.

Our mission is to provide a clear and comprehensive path to all meditation practitioners. Meditation has gotten popular, and with this popularity came a large wave of new meditation-like techniques. Without a simple system to follow, practitioners can get overwhelmed. Where to start? What technique to try first? Meditation doesn't have to be complicated, and we will help simplify your meditation path.

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