Insight Path

Congratulations on establishing a daily meditation practice!

These first steps were actually the hardest on the journey. Now that you've learned the basics of meditation and have made meditation into a daily habit, we can dive into deeper insight practices.

The goal of insight practices

The goal of Insight practices, often called Vipassana practices, is profound and lasting transformation of the mind. We are aiming for a powerful cognitive shift that will dispel the sense of a central agency, or "self". Given their purpose, these practices can be unsettling. Practiced properly and in the right circumstances however, Insight meditation practice is, by far, the most rewarding.

Important: If, for any reason, practicing these techniques generate mental or physical phenomena that is too unsettling to handle, stop practicing, or at least move to the Concentration Path until the mind has settled down. These are powerful techniques that should not be practiced in periods of mental instability.

Guided Introduction to Insight Meditation – Noting

In this guided meditation, we explore the basic instructions for “Noting” as taught by Mahasi Sayadaw.

Lengthening our Sits

To keep progressing swiftly through more advanced stages and reap even greater benefits, we will now increase our daily meditation practice to 40 minutes.