Meditation Resources – Preliminary Skills

Meditation Resources – Preliminary Skills

Welcome and congratulations on deciding to give meditation a try. We wish you the best of success.

Key skills

In the Beginner stage, we will:

  • Learn to meditate
  • Develop a daily meditation practice of 20 minutes
  • Learn a 6 points preparation that will strenghten your motivation and make your practice clearer
  • Learn a 4-step transition to explore attention and awareness

Consult the following resources in order. They will teach you a basic meditation technique and help you establish a daily practice.

Attention and Peripheral Awareness

Discerning attention and peripheral awareness are two different faculties of the mind. Knowing how to distinguish them is crucial for meditation progress, as each one has its particularities and should therefore be trained differently.

Walking Meditation

So far, we have learned a basic meditation technique and a few practical concepts. With daily practice, we have applied and internalized these techniques. Now is the perfect time to expand our practice and explore a new form of meditation: walking meditation.

Guided Meditation – Walking Meditation

In this guided meditation, we explore the basics of walking meditation.


Developing a daily practice is actually the hardest part of the journey, but with diligent practice, you will move forward quickly. You will have reached the Novice Meditator stage when:

  • You've learned how to meditate
  • You know how to prepare for meditation using the six points preparation
  • You've commited to a daily meditation practice of at least 20 minutes